Remove warts works best? Scientists report ...

I have seen that you can get the same results from any one of the following products against warts. There are several types of warts and some people get them at different times.

For example, warts at the beginning of a wart are more contagious and harder to remove than warts at the end. Also, it depends on the wart. Some warts will stay on even after removal. A person who has a wart may feel a rash or have a sore spot after the wart is removed. I have seen that the most effective way to help people remove warts is with a topical cream that contains both salicylic acid and cetyl salicylic acid. This cream is very effective, but not for everyone. I have seen it has no side effects, but it can be expensive and difficult to find in the United States. What about topical anti-itch drugs? These can be used as a temporary treatment in a person with a wart, or for more serious wart conditions that need treatment more often. However, these drugs are not a long-term solution for warts. For most warts, an oral topical anti-itch drug is the only way to cure a wart, as it will not cause any serious side effects.

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